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Kamran Asghar - Affiliate Marketer & SEO Strategist

Kamran Asghar -- An Affiliate Marketer, SEO Strategist and Content Writer

Who is Kamran Asghar? KamranAsghar.com is a resource to train you in online marketing, SEO writing, and affiliate marketing for free. He not only helps new entrepreneurs generate passive income online but also creates content strategies for their online businesses. He also offers SEO content writing services for B2B and B2C.

Throughout his career, he faced many problems in learning these methods. But you are lucky enough as he has filtered out what techniques work and what doesn’t work for you. As an affiliate marketer, he applied these methods to different projects that are still earning passive income for him. Now he wants to teach all of this through free online courses, videos, and blog articles.

What Forced Him to Join Digital Marketing?

Isn’t it strange? He is a chemical engineer by qualification, but he is working in an entirely different domain. What has forced him to move his professional career to digital marketing? Let’s find out his complete journey.

In 2001, he passed the intermediate exam. You know, that is considered a very crucial time in our society when deciding which profession to choose for further professional study. Kamran Asghar was keen on studying information technology, but his parents wanted him to go for engineering. In this conflict, he applied to different domains and got merit in chemical engineering at UET Lahore, got admission, and suppressed his desire.

He completed his graduation and MS in 2005 and 2007 respectively. After the studies, he worked for several years in different industries as a chemical engineer. Perhaps you know, a process engineer job is mostly out of the station, leading to staying away from family for months. In 2012, he was in the UAE when suddenly the UAE government started deporting thousands of Pakistanis. Kamran was one of them. He had to come back. After coming home, he had to go on long leave without salary. This made him disheartened and disappointed.

Fortunately, this forced him to reconsider his career in information technology. So he met with his old friend, Shahzad Ahmad, an IT professional who helped him learn online skills. Kamran started with web development but could not get enough because coding demands a lot of time and a fresh mind. Then Kamran realized he should go for digital marketing skills. You know, Google and YouTube are the best teachers for learning anything.

He resigned from his job and started learning online skills, including affiliate marketing, SEO writing, and digital marketing. From 2014 to now, Kamran had to face different situations and get disappointed many times. But with consistency, hard work, and by the grace of God, he is now a successful digital marketer. He is running his own business, where he builds SEO content strategies for multiple projects. He also offers content writing services. His different affiliate websites are earning him passive income each month.

Now you would have been thinking about passive income. Right? Let me tell you what is this and why you go for it as well?

What is Passive Income and why should I go for it?

Passive income is the money that you earn from your online or offline business without continuous effort or work. You have liberty to do work or not but your asset works for you to earn ongoing income. That is the way passive income gives you extra security. Because if you suddenly become unemployed or even if you voluntarily take time away from work. Your business giving you extra income with little work and that is the most appealing thing which attract everyone to go for it.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn passive income. Without building any product, you just promote other people’s products and get your commissions each time you sell. 

Starting affiliate marketing was the best decision of my life. I had started working on this with Quora and Medium, then I build my own affiliate websites that are now earning handsome amount each month for me.

My websites are growing like crazy. Here are the stats of one of my affiliate websites.

Affiliate Website Passive Income Stats

So what I did? Just took my interest as a full time profession and work hard. I did a lot of mistakes during this journey but stayed consistent with devotion in learning and practicing. Because after resigning from job, I knew this is the only source that will pay me tomorrow. Now I have websites that make money autopilot. Although there is still margin to improve those sites.

If I am doing and a lot of others are getting these benefits then why are you not?

Here's to You

Believe me, you have more opportunities than me. If you consider yourself occupied with financial problems due to unemployment or want to have a stable earning source but have a fear of taking a step but don’t know how and where to start, or are looking for guidance to take the right step in building your online business,

Don’t worry! You are not alone. Join my free digital marketing courses.

You don’t need to spend much time learning as I am sharing with you my best practices through articles, videos, and free courses. If you like, honestly, it will help me in branding. Ultimately, it will help me get clients easily when I launch my digital marketing agency later.

I have spent several hours creating videos and content that add value and actionable techniques. My goal is to train 1,000,000 users so they can build their own passive income sources. Although a lot of resources exist online, I am revealing the exact methods that worked for me.

So what are you waiting for? Take a revolutionary step just by clicking the button below.

Kamran Asghar