How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Youtube

How to do affiliate marketing on youtube

YouTube affiliate marketing is an online business model that allows you to earn passive income by promoting affiliate links in YouTube videos. A lot of people are using this method to make extra bucks. because the trend of watching video content is growing rapidly. And people are more likely to share valuable content on social media. 

There are more than 2 billion users on YouTube, which makes it the second-most visited platform after Google. If you want to start affiliate marketing on YouTube, it would be the best decision of your life because a huge potential audience is waiting for you. You can increase your affiliate profit with YouTube videos. 

But How?

What if you don’t have a YouTube channel or subscriber? How does it work for beginners, and how do you promote affiliate links on YouTube? All this and more will be discussed in this article. Let’s get into it.

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Why Youtube Affiliate Marketing?

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms for video content creation. It has over 1 billion users per month. So why not monetize your videos by becoming an affiliate marketer?

It is an attractive way in which you can not only add actual value to your viewers but also earn revenue by monetizing your content. Although Youtube provides numerous monetization opportunities such as Google Adsense, sponsored content, brand promotions, etc. But in affiliate marketing on YouTube, you have full control over all your products. It enables you to analyze which product to promote for maximum results and which do not.

Now you might be thinking about whether YouTube is allowed to add affiliate links. Simply Yes, Youtube allows you to insert your affiliate product or service links for promotion. Each time someone goes through these links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Now how does it work? Let’s discuss step-by-step the complete process of how a beginner can use YouTube and affiliate marketing in combination to earn commission while providing value to their audience. 

3 Steps Of Affiliate Marketing On Youtube

  • Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing that enables others to sell products through online networks such as Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce websites. These affiliates are rewarded according to various metrics including sales volume, product views, and page clicks.
  • Youtube is the largest search engine after Google. If you want to make money from your videos, they have to be on Youtube. There are many ways to get traffic. You can use Youtube Ads, but you should know some things about Youtube before starting out.
  • Video Creation Software: There are many video creation software out there. Some people are saying that Adobe Premiere Pro is the best, but if you don’t have this program yet, then I would recommend free options like Windows Movie Maker.

How Can You Start Affiliate Marketing On Youtube

If you want to grab a huge Youtube audience to promote your affiliate products or services, then this step-by-step process will help you to successfully reach your destiny. The mechanism of affiliate marketing on YouTube is the same as on blogs; the only difference is that here you create videos.

1. Create A Youtube Channel On Specific Niche

The first task is to create a free channel where you can publish videos. Then you must apply for the Youtube Partner Program, which will give you access to more features to get the maximum output. 

The most important thing is to select a niche in which you want to work. Keep in mind that all the users on YouTube are not your viewers. You must choose a niche of your interest in which you can guide your audience. When you post quality content that engages users, it will help the Youtube algorithm identify you as an authority. This way, you get the most targeted audience on your channel.

2. Create Relevant And Quality Content

Creating quality and relevant content is what inspires people to watch and follow your channel. Remember! To attract more visitors, you need to publish consistently valuable content that provides extra value. This will instill trust in your audience, and they will accept the advice or suggestions you make in your affiliate promotional videos.

Don’t forget to make engaging videos relevant to your niche audience. Engagement is the most crucial factor in ranking on a Youtube search. When you retain users as long as your video content, the Youtube algorithm considers its interesting content and gives it more importance by showing it at the top of search results. Finally, the reach of your channel to your target audience expands, and you grow.

Now, you develop videos relevant to products or services that you want to promote. You can review or compare different products and suggest your affiliate products to your viewers strategically. Now you might be thinking, where can you add affiliate links? Let’s find out.

3. Add Affiliate Links In Youtube Content

You will be surprised to know that there are multiple places where you can add your affiliate links. Most people add affiliate links in the video description that appears under the video. You can add as many links there as you like. But the smarter way is to mention it verbally and in the annotation link in the video’s description. That way, people will take care to check it intentionally and probably go with your recommendation. 

You can also place comments on your video while responding to your viewers, which is another place to insert your affiliate links. To get maximum visibility, pin it to remain at the top of all the comments. 

Moreover, Youtube offers a feature called “End Screen” for adding links to other videos and external sites. This feature is available for all users, but only Youtube Partners can add external links (which might be affiliate links), while others can only add YouTube videos here. So, if you are quite serious about affiliate marketing with Youtube, you need to be a member of the Youtube Partner Program. So you can freely add your affiliate product links in the End Screen section of the video.

4. Disclose Your Affiliate Links

Some affiliate programs, like Amazon, require you to disclose your affiliation, while a lot of others do not bother about it. Why? Transparency in affiliate marketing is vital, whether you are legally bound to do this or not. Being honest and disclosing your affiliate links helps to increase trust between you and your affiliates. 

Do you know how transparency yields your affiliate sales and conversion rate? When you paint your image clearly by being straightforward, audiences become more loyal to you, which will help you in the long term. They can feel you are not trapping them and providing unbiased information that really adds extra value. They realize that whatever you share or suggest would be the best choice. So this way, you can boost your earnings along with trust and loyalty.

Types Of Videos That Produce Affiliate Revenue

To find out what types of YouTube videos generate affiliate revenue, we must understand people’s mindsets. Why do they come on YouTube? 

  • For entertainment
  • To learn (informational)
  • For DIY Videos (How To)
  • To evaluate different products or services, (Interested in buying something)

Each of these viewers falls into the type of video that can be used to promote affiliate links. These videos have different formats. Some formats are perfect for affiliate marketing, while others give opportunities to share affiliate products or services to generate revenue. Now let’s find out what these videos are and how they work.

1. Product Review Videos

Normally, informational videos are basically used to add value to viewers’ lives and build authority. But those have the potential to be used for promotion if it’s about a product or service. In this video type, you review a single product or service for your audience who are in search of information about that product. So Youtube affiliates have the opportunity to create content about a product in the form of a review. 

Remember! You should not just talk about the product; you should own that product to make a live review. That’s the way people get engaged and trust your findings. 

Any product review may have plenty of commercial intent keywords from which you can earn money by promoting its affiliate link. 

We must focus on the psyche of the customers. If someone is searching for a product review, it means one wants to learn about its features, pros, and cons to make a decision. So, if you review a product in a YouTube video, people are more likely to buy it if they find value and are persuaded. That means many people click on the affiliate links placed in such videos, which helps you generate healthy affiliate revenue.

2. How To Videos

This is another type of informational video that has the potential to promote your affiliate offers. For example, your niche is “tires” and you create a video about “how to clean tires”.

In creating such videos, you can suggest or recommend the tools and products you are using and the best fit for the job. You can simply insert the affiliate links in the description of the video and annotation.

No matter what affiliate programs you are promoting. If you want to increase affiliate marketing conversions, you should include all the affiliate links for products relevant to that video. 

3. Best of Roundup Products Videos

This type of video is perfect for all affiliate marketers on YouTube to boost their revenue. These are actually round-up review videos of the best products. 

Why do people look for such videos? Obviously, they are looking for the best option to evaluate which item would be the right choice for them. They want to see online reviews to get more into it. These round-up videos may be about different niches like:

These are the keywords of highly commercial intent as well. You have the liberty to promote your best affiliate products by genuinely reviewing them. Make sure you are working with the right affiliate program. If you have a loyal following, people trust you and love to go with your recommendations. In short, there is huge potential for you to generate great affiliate revenue with such videos. The best affiliate marketing campaign is to produce roundup videos of product reviews relevant to your niche.

Note: These keywords are not recommended; check the competition level on your own.


YouTube is the best place for affiliate marketing, as it allows you to earn a substantial income by promoting your offers. It is one of the most rewarding ways to do affiliate marketing without a website or blog. You will face lower competition levels on YouTube as compared to other platforms, except in a few niches. In contrast, a huge audience is in front of you. That means you can leverage this opportunity to drastically increase your revenue. 

Moreover, you need a minimum investment to start a YouTube affiliate marketing business. You just need an idea, a microphone, a camera, and video editing software. And you can build your authority with creative content, which can be monetized in a number of ways.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, you can comment below. Please don’t forget to share with others to contribute your part to delivering value.

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