How Content Writers Generate 10 Times More Clicks With These Writing Tips

Tips on SEO Content Writing to Grow CTR and engagement

I have written blog posts that gained 1000s of views. Some friends got in lac.

And after stumbling upon all of them today, I have one piece of advice for you instead of going through the whole blog post or sales page.

You must focus 90% of the time and effort on creating “hooks and offers”.

I have seen the majority of writers use a linear approach in writing their content. They make the writing flow with words and sentences like “one word and another word and another…” They think, consciously or unconsciously, that all the words are the same, but I think they are wrong. Why? 

Some words are not as important as others because some words are full of feelings (positive or negative), emotions, power, etc. You need to know this.

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SEO Copywriting Tips To Grow Traffic

Have you had the opportunity to hear about “the big domino” effect?

It’s used in multiple fields. As an example, when it comes to problem-solving:

They advise you to always ask yourself, “What is the one decision I need to make in order to avoid making many other minor decisions?”

Well! The same effect can be used in content writing and copywriting as well. How?

Let me explain it in the best possible way.

Imagine a line of dominos (hooks). Break them into pieces and place them one by one at the perfect distance between them. So when you write one hook, they all fall into place one after the other.

Got it?

This is what we call “copywriting.”

The first domino is your hook (headline). If you want to boost your CTR (click-through rate), you must spend more time writing your headline than the rest of the content. Since you can’t expect anything without the first domino falling.

I think it’s logical so far.

Now, what happens after the hook?

The entire concept behind effective content writing is to knock down those dominos in a seamless way, one by one. When telling a good story that hides the small dominos, you create curiosity and they fall organically.

Hooks In Writing Content

Now, what are those small dominos or hooks that urge your prospects to read and convert? Some of those are:

  • Playing with emotions
  • Describing problems
  • Objection handling
  • Common enemy
  • Guaranteed
  • Risk reversal
  • Mechanism
  • Testimonials
  • Positioning

And many more.

Remember! You must spend some time doing good market research to get all of those.

Let’s go back to the original point:

The second most important point that helps SEO content writers generate massive clicks and traffic on their content is the offer. You should spend as much time as you do on a hook.

Now our equation for becoming successful in copywriting will be like this:

Hook + Offer = The Sandwich

But that’s not the end of this story. Here I will tell you more!

I dig it more to help you better understand how it works practically.

How to make your Hook and Offer work?

We have come to know about tips that copywriters or SEO content writers use to enhance click-through rate. Now I am going to show you a copy with those two elements and can tell you with a 90% certainty whether it works or not.

Here is the two-step process to making an effective hook and offer.

Dig Deeper

First of all, write a hook or offer and ask these two questions frequently:



Ask these as many times as you can, and eventually you will be able to write such a piece of content that you will say unconsciously:


Interesting, right?

Let me explain with an example.

You are writing a blog post and your original hook is this:

“Learn the 3 key elements of content writing”

Weak. Right?


Let’s ask yourself “Why?”

Because you want more results.


Because you want to get more clicks, traffic, or visitors.


Why doesn’t it work here?

So I’ll switch it up to “so.”

Because you want to get more clicks or traffic.


Being result-oriented will allow me to get more views or clicks on my post.


So here’s our old hook:

“Learn the 3 key elements of content writing”

And here’s our new hook:

“Learn the 3 key elements of content writing so you can get more clicks or traffic”

It’s a nice one, but not too good.


So here comes the next step, or tip.

This tip will make it 10 times stronger.


Here is my tip number 2.

Be Ultra Specific

Now we will take our new hook and modify it more.

“Learn the 3 key elements of content writing so you can get more clicks or visitors”

Now how do you make it more specific?

Let’s try:

You ask, “Who is this for?”

Let’s say it’s for content writers. Now we can write our new hook.

“Learn the 3 key elements of content writing so you can get more clicks or visitors as a content writer”

Now let’s ask a quantitative question, as people are more likely to pay attention to headings containing numbers, according to survey reports.

“How much?”

Let’s say you can make 10 times more traffic with those elements.

“Learn the 3 key elements of content writing so you can get 10 times more clicks or visitors as a content writer”

Now that seems more decent and attractive. But wait! It’s a bit lengthy. Right?

Let’s rephrase it to look better.

“How Content Writers Get 10 Times More Clicks with These Writing Tips”

Now it’s time to compare.

Old Hook:

“Learn the 3 key elements of content writing”

New hook:

“How Content Writers Get 10 Times More Clicks with These Writing Tips”

Now which would get more results?

Obviously, the new one.

All we did was just ask a couple of questions repeatedly.

Awesome! Isn’t?

Now, remember! Keep digging and write down at least dozens of hooks on paper. Write as many as you can if it’s a big promotion. Eventually, you will get the gold.

The Offer

This was all about the hook. Now let’s take another element of our sandwich, which is “the offer.” This tip is most relevant to copywriters because they have to create sales pages.

There are many elements to making a good offer, more than I could count or know. But here I will reveal a few of them to take you ahead of 99% of other copywriters.

Here are the 3 main elements to making an effective offer.

New Opportunity

If your needs are being fulfilled in some way, you are not going to look for some other deal. For example, if you are fit enough with regular exercise, you are not going to buy any fitness plan. Even the best copywriter in the world has written a copy.


Because it doesn’t work for me. So no more improvement; go for the new opportunity.

Solve Big Problem

You have to search for big problems of your prospects. If you are just solving small problems, then nobody will care. Because people want something to solve. So it must be big and emotional so you can trap or attract more buyers. 

Please note the words I am using here:

“Big Problem”

I hope you get the idea.

How You Solve It:

This section is very important in making a good offer or engaging your audience in your writing piece. For example:

Problem: Affiliate marketing

Solution: Affiliate marketing course

What do you think? Would that work?

Definitely, but for some of them. While others will demand some personal help from a professional affiliate marketer. 

Provide them with the solution the way they want it.

So those were a few of the offers that you can create for your audience. I hope you enjoyed these tips on SEO copywriting and content writing.


I want to write more articles like this that go deeper to deliver the real value to you. These may be about market research, social media growth hacks, or something you want to do to start a successful career in digital marketing.

Choose your required topic and suggest it to me in the comment section below.

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Courtesy of George Ten, who helped me write this blog post.

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